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UNFI  Ordering


We order every 4 weeks from: UNFI http://www.unitedbuyingclubs.com/

2012  UNFI delivery days are currently slated for

Apr 19, May 17, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 09
Sep 06, Oct 04, Nov 01. Nov 29, Dec 27
(group order is submitted to UNFI the Monday prior to delivery)

at Second Presbyterian Church,
3511 Belmont Blvd. Nashville, TN 37215

(Enter around back, at the corner of Richards and Graybar)

Our   time slot is ~ noon - 4 pm (central)
NOTE: actual arrival has been leaning toward 3:30 - 4:30 pm recently.


We ask new folks participate (ask questions, make suggestions, etc.) on our UNFI email list for a month and then  at least one adult from the household / business will need to  participate in at least one UNFI delivery before we assign that household / business an onlne ordering account . This gives you a chance to see our process in action so you can decide if our co-op fits with your family's needs, lifestyle and time commitments. You must be able to be very flexible regarding the UNFI delivery time as any number of variables can impact the ETA of the truck. The delivery & distribution process takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours (from the time the truck arrives).  Each household placing an order is expected to provide at least one person to work the delivery. Delivery workers are expected to arrive 15 - 30 minutes before the truck's ETA, work unloading and distribution, pitch in where needed, verify the pick sheets of workers involved in weighing and check-out, help clean up the area. Check-out does not start until all items have been distributed.

 You need to join this list http://groups.google.com/group/mp_unfi to receive updates on the truck’s ETA. (we are assuming 3 – 4 pm)  but this is subject to change. We should receive a final ETA when the truck leaves the stop prior to ours giving us ~90 minutes to gather at the church.

. If you have prior experience with a buying club co-op (experience using the UNFI online ordering system in particular)  let me know and you may be allowed to order before participating in a UNFI delivery. We do not offer the UNFI volume discount to non-members during their trial period nor do we rebate once they join. New folks may be required to submit payment the week before delivery for their first few orders otherwise payment is due at delivery. You will need to prepay before we submit the group order for your first order -- at least.

Our core group consisted of  homeschool moms  --- we understand _children in tow_. Our current location - the Fellowship Café at 2nd Presb provides options for non-working kids as well as offers meaningful tasks for the kids who want to be part of the process. 

 We strive to be flexible and compassionate regarding this process, in particular, working the UNFI delivery. When we have enough folks ordering on a regular basis we should be able to rotate working the delivery. We really are not rigid in the areas that we have control over. We do not have control over delivery date and time nor road conditions that make impact the initial ETA of the UNFI truck. Otherwise, we are open to suggestions on how to serve as many people as possible without over-burdening the core of the group.

 > What kinds of things can we order from UNFI? <

We don't have fresh produce but have about the same grocery items as Whole Foods/Whole Body. We encourage folks to support local farmers as much as possible and encourage folks to grow their own,  join a community garden, and  subscribe to a CSA.

 UNFI Pricelists  http://www.marketplaceco-op.org/UNFI_ordering.htm

>does it include grass fed meat at all? <

Again we encourage omnivores to buy meats locally when they can.  UNFI does offer r grass-fed meats..

 >How often would we volunteer to do deliveries?<

Currently if you order --- you work the delivery – we do strive to be flexible and as we grow we will be able to rotate working delivery shifts  There are no non-working memberships available at this time. Work involves participating in unloading the truck, sorting, weighing, distributing the items, verifying the pick sheets of members involved in weighing & check-out, & generally pitching in where needed & helping clean up the area.

To protect the co-op  -- new folks may be required to pay in full before the order is submitted.

You must be able to be very flexible regarding the delivery time as any number of variables can impact the ETA of the truck. Delivery times & updates are announced on our email list  as soon as we receive an ETA  or update from the UNFI warehouse in Atlanta.

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