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Understanding the UNFI pricelist:


Marketplace Co-op members currently receive 10% discount off non-sale items

 Our group currently qualifies for Extra Specials -- these pricelists are shared only on our UNFI email list.

Annual 2011 Buying Club News (end June 2012)

 May 17, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 09
Sep 06, Oct 04, Nov 01. Nov 29, Dec 28
Effective for Orders Shipped:
Annual 2011 Buying Club News 2011 Catalog
May 2012 Sale List PDF
May 2012 Sale List Excel
May 2012 Full Listing PDF
May 2012 Full Listing Excel
4-28-12 thru 5-25-12

PDF file : UNFI online ordering system member manual click here

PDF file : How to select items from the splitting basket click here

Understanding the UNFI Pricelist  


The main body of the catalog is the pricelist.  Each page is divided into two parts.  You read down the left column then go up to the right column.  Within the two columns, there are ten columns.

Prod #   M3   Pack/Brand   Description   Wrhs/  Info  Unit$  CS$  %off

M3 = least three must be ordered.


Pack/size = how many units to a case and size of the units.


Brands see http://www.unitedbuyingclubs.com/Resources/Manufact_Directory.pdf 


Wrhs/ Our warehouse is "A" - Atlanta.  If the field is blank that means the item is stocked at all warehouses, otherwise the field must contact an "A".  The catalogs are printed months in advance so an item listed as available from our warehouse may have been discontinued after publication.



Info: see codes below


Unit$ - price per unit

Case$ = price per case


These prices do not reflect our co-op's 10% volume discount (for members).  The highest volume discount UNFI gives buying clubs is 17%. 


%off = if there is a % in this field that means the item is on sale / special and excluded from our volume discount.  The price in the unit and case fields reflects prices less the percentage off amount. 


Some important terms

SPLIT means splitting an item that is sold by pounds (bulk items) or whole case. One pound items (herbs, spices, teas, etc) cannot be split in the UNFI online ordering system automatically but can be split manually if you want to split one of these you need to notify the email list.

MORE means how many more units of a split case/ lbs of a bulk item you would be willing to take.



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